Who we are ?

UBUNTEAM is a not for profit org mainly driven by young volunteers, we are active since 2018, represented in Mali and France.
Our online activities generally include members from Mali/Benin/Senegal/France.

What we do ?

To carry out our mission, we proceed by:

Training projects
Install party/migration workshops to FOSS
Support to marginabzed people or groups and we also contribute to projects of organizations with the same objectives.
As we have a young, dynamic and creative members most incredible ideas and projects are to come.

Ivory Cost



How we do?

For us, it is ICTs that must serve humanity and not the other way around.
For this, it is important that they are as inclusive as possible, open, accessible and respectful of human rights.
Active especially in sub-Saharan Africa, we want to promote free software and the defense of digital rights, to allow young Africans to arrive at the digital revolution as true actors and to ensure that the Internet is and remains a source of opportunity and a world that we visit without fear.

Some initiatives

•Jerry school Tour
•Training with journalists and HRDs on use of alternative tools in case of shutdown/censorship before elections in Côte d’Ivoire.
•prevention cyber harassment
•Best relation with ICTs for best health

Wanna know more?

Become a member (free)by joining the telegram group and asking for a membership form: .

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